Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and millions of viewers tune in to watch the game. Not only are sports fans watching, but they are using their favorite NFL online betting sites to preview the latest Super Bowl betting odds. All of the top online sports betting sites feature hundreds of Super Bowl betting lines that keep avid NFL football fans coming back each year. If you have yet to join a sports betting site because you do not fully understand the betting odds and different ways to bet on the Super Bowl, then you have come to the right page!

We will teach you everything you need to know about the types of odds at Super Bowl betting sites, ways to read different odds, and even go into the different types of Super Bowl bets. All you need to start betting on the most highly anticipated game of the year is an interest in football and the desire to earn some cash. After reading this page, you should be able to join any of the best NFL sports betting sites and begin betting on the Super Bowl!

Current Super Bowl 55 Betting Odds

Found At Bovada Sportsbook as of 02-03-2020
Baltimore Ravens +700
Kansas City Chiefs +700
San Francisco 49ers +800
New Orleans Saints +1000
New England Patriots +1200
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1600
Green Bay Packers +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +2000
Seattle Seahawks +2000
Los Angeles Rams +2500
Chicago Bears +3000
Cleveland Browns +3000
Houston Texans +3000
Indianapolis Colts +3000
Los Angeles Chargers +3000
Minnesota Vikings +3000
Tennessee Titans +3000
Atlanta Falcons +4000
Buffalo Bills +4000
Las Vegas Raiders +4000
Denver Broncos +6000
New York Jets +6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000
Arizona Cardinals +8000
Detroit Lions +8000
Jacksonville Jaguars +8000
Carolina Panthers +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Miami Dolphins +10000
New York Giants +8000
Washington Redskins +10000

Types Of Odds At Super Bowl Sportsbooks

When choosing which Super Bowl sportsbook to use, you may notice that odds are displayed in different ways. The type of odds that are displayed will depend largely on whether you are using a Super Bowl betting site that caters to American, UK, or European bettors. The odds may read differently, but all ultimately relay the same point- your potential payoff. We will walk you through each of the common odd types.

American Odds

American odds will be displayed in a format that features a (+/-) followed by a number. The (+) represents the team that the sportsbook has favored. This also indicates that your risk will be higher than your potential return. A (-) indicates that the team is the underdog, and that your stake will be less than the amount you can win. Here is an example of what American Super Bowl odds would look like:

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds represent a bettor’s win to risk ratio. The first number in the odds is how much you can win, while the second number indicates how much you will need to risk. Take a look at the fractional odds example below:

Super Bowl Wagers: Moneyline, Totals, and Spreads

The first step toward making a Super Bowl bet is to have an understanding of the different wagering types. There are a number of different ways that you can bet on the Super Bowl and each has its own distinct advantages. Luckily, there are only a few different ways to bet and all are relatively easy to understand. The most common ways Super Bowl bets are totals, moneylines, and spreads.

Understanding SB Propositional Betting Odds

Proposition bets are the most entertaining bets that can be made during the Super Bowl. Rather than being limited to betting on who will win or lose the game, you can wager on every single aspect of the event. Novelty props such as how long the national anthem will run are popular, but you can bet on the total number of field goals, receptions, or tackles and assists. The betting odds on prop bets can vary greatly depending on the type of prop you’re betting. For instance the odds on future props are much higher than player game props due to the risk involved relative to each bet. There are general game props and those that are specific to each team or individual players. Prop bets can be particularly lucrative for sports bettors that are knowledgeable on the latest team and player stats.

Game Props for the Super Bowl

Game props include scenarios that are not specifically tied to one team or player. These are related to the overall game, excluding the final outcome. Game props allow you to bet on general aspects of the game without necessarily going for or against a certain team, but rather for a certain event to happen or not happen. The betting odds on a Super Bowl prop asking which team gained the most first downs would be less than a prop bet asking if there will be overtime. Why? Because one team will definitely have more first downs it’s simply a coin flip and the odds would reflect that. Whereas overtime games happen far less than fifty percent of the time and there again you’ll see that reflected in the odds. You can also choose bets that only pertain to the first half of the game or a certain quarter. A few examples of game props include the longest successful field goal in the game or how many yards the first touchdown of the game will be.

SB Player Prop Bets

Player props are focused on the performance of an individual player throughout the game. This is where knowing average player stats comes into play, as many of these bets will be based off of performance throughout the season. Player props can be a valuable alternative when there is a clear favorite that comes with a hefty price on the moneyline. For example, if you know that Team A’s QB is likely to pass for more yards than Team B to win the game, you may find better odds on the QB’s total passing TD’s. How many total touchdown passes will the QB throw is certain to make an appearance on the betting board. Other QB props may include will the starting QB throw a touchdown or an interception first. You will also see a variety of rushing props, receiving props, and more.

Team Props For The Super Bowl

Every sports fan loves to bet on their favorite team, and team props allow you to do just that. These bets are limited to team-specific scenarios and events. These bets can be as general as how many sacks will the AFC have in the game, to specifics such as if the NFC will score a touchdown in a certain quarter. The betting odds for team props will depend on the performance of the team for the year. Let’s explore betting odds on whether or not the offense or defense will score first. The obvious choice would be the offense, however betting on the rare scenario of a safety, pick 6, or even a fumble return for a touchdown would offer a much greater payout. You will also find that some team props may have odds on certain players, such as who will be the first touchdown scorer on you team.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Every year oddsmakers post hundreds of proposition bets for millions of sports bettors to put money on. There are novelty bets for those looking to purely have fun with Super Bowl betting, and also team and player props that hold good value. We have put together a list of the top Super Bowl proposition bets for every caliber of bettor, ranked from those with entertainment value to those that serious bettors should consider.

  • 10. Over/under on the national anthem
  • 9. Result of the coin toss
  • 8. Color of the Gatorade shower
  • 7. Odds the Super Bowl winner returns to the next Super Bowl
  • 6. Odds on which team gets more sacks
  • 5. Super Bowl MVP odds
  • 4. Who will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl?
  • 3. Highest scoring half
  • 2. Odds to throw more touchdowns
  • 1. Over/under on the final score of the Super Bowl

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