NFL Betting Sites - How + Where To Bet On The NFL

The NFL is the most popular league of the most popular sport in the United States. Fall Sundays center around the majority of Americans either in the stands, or surrounding a television watching their teams play. An added measure under the proverbial popularity umbrella is betting on the NFL. It's certainly the most bet-on sport in the U.S., generating millions and millions of dollars in revenue at sportsbooks. Here at, our goal is to talk to you about wagering on the NFL, but most important, where you are able to do so legally.

For players situated in the United States, this site is mainly aimed at you. Although there are some international sportsbooks that field wagers on the NFL and don't accept American players, the majority of them do. We tell you which websites to check out exclusively for NFL betting lines, stemming from game odds, player props, team props, and of course futures wagers like Super Bowl betting. But it's not all about the 'where', we also cover NFL betting from other angles, such as explanations about the odds you can expect to see, plus the types of bets available to NFL bettors.

Facts About NFL Betting Sites

  • Alot More money is bet on the NFL online than in Vegas
  • An estimated 2 million U.S. residents Bet on the NFL last year online
  • It Is legal for U.S. residents to bet on the NFL as long as the sportsbooks are located offshore
  • Trusted online sportsbooks will get your withdrawal to you in as little as 48 hours
  • More money is bet on the NFL in the USA then all the other sports combined

Best NFL Betting Sites + Online Sportsbooks

There are plenty of betting sites out there featuring NFL wagering sections. But we only like to talk about the best of the best. Below, you will read about five of the top online sportsbooks for betting on the NFL, all of which have great odds and options to offer their account holders that choose to go with them. Among the things to pay attention to would be the types of bets that can be made, as well as neat features like live betting on the NFL and mobile wagering.

Why You Should Wager at Bovada?

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  • Accepting Bitcoin Deposits
  • Legal in 46 US States
Best NFL Betting Site Online With Tons Of Odds + Live Betting

Our top NFL betting site is Bovada Sportsbook. This sports betting site for American players is at the forefront of NFL betting. The NFL section at Bovada breaks down into a few different categories. Game lines each week are formed well in advance, giving bettors ample opportunities to get all of their bets in. Basic game odds at Bovada include the point spread, the moneyline, and the over/under point total. All odds will be available up until five minutes before kickoff.

Props sections are full of different game matchups during the season, featuring a full section of all games on the schedule. But props don't just single out games, they can range from a whole bunch of topics. Popular player props include odds to win the NFL MVP which are up most of the season. So too are Super Bowl futures wagers which can be found all year long, moving the most during the season.


Why You Should Wager at SportsBetting?

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  • Crypto-Friendly
  • Legal For All US Residents
Huge Bonuses During NFL Season

Sundays during the NFL season doesn't always find us sitting in front of the television. There are unforeseen circumstances that come into play where we might be somewhere else, unable to be in front of the screen. The mobile betting option at SportsBetting ensures that the NFL wagering opportunities come with you wherever you go.

The full slate of the NFL betting section at SportsBetting is available to players who have a mobile device and an Internet connection. If you have an Apple product, Android, BlackBerry, or a Windows phone, you have the ability to bet on the NFL at SportsBetting. Game odds, props, futures, and even live betting can be conducted!


Why You Should Wager at BetOnline?

  • 50% up to $1k Bonus!
  • Accepts Bitcoin Deposits
  • Legal in ALL US States
Find Tons Of NFL Betting Odds + Get Big Bonuses

Betting on the NFL at BetOnline gives bettors a chance to wager on all aspects of the season. BetOnline is very quick on the trigger to formulate betting odds for games as well, often times even before the week prior is complete. In fact, for those who like to get in early game action for Week 1 of the NFL regular season, those odds can sometimes be found months in advance before any other sportsbook has them.

Futures and props come standard as far as what most sportsbooks would have, but their matchups sections and 'special' section is pretty cool. This is where the miscellaneous odds can be found, which can be anything from coaches getting fired, to new player-performance odds for new additions to teams.


Why You Should Wager at 5Dimes?

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  • Legal in ALL US States
Best NFL Site To Buy Points And Adjust The Spreads

One of our very favorite NFL betting sites has got to be 5 Dimes sportsbook. After you sign up and make a deposit, this sportsbook is as good as any on the market, and better then most. The best thing about this sportsbook is that you can buy points when betting on any NFL games. You can adjust the spread by as many as 14 points either way for the spread and the same goes for Over / Under bets.

On top of having some of the best NFL bettling lines, they also have all kinds of weekly NFL contest and promotions going on once the season starts. Overall, this is among the best websites online for NFL gambling.


Best Legal Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

What To Look For In NFL Betting Sites + Online Sportsbooks

In the reviews you just read for some of our best online sportsbooks regarding NFL betting, you should have noticed a few different things that we highlighted. Whether it was live betting, mobile betting, proposition wagering sections, or other aspects, all are very important. Below, we talk more specific about NFL betting sites, relating to the types of bets that will be available at most. Some terms you might be familiar with, some you might be learning for the first time. The NFL is unique in the sense that most every type of bet can be applied to it. Few sports have that.

Different Ways To Bet On The NFL

Parlays - The term parlay is probably familiar even to the novice bettor. It's actually quite simple to understand really, but it can get complex depending on how many wagers are involved. A parlay links together several different bets for a single payout. For the parlay to win, all of the individual bets made, whether on the point spread, moneyline, prop or other type, must win. If one bet in the parlay loses, they all lose. Parlays can have some of the highest payout margins you will find.

NFL Straight Bets - Straight bets are your most commonly found bet. This is one bet for one outcome. The payouts can range significantly, but the premise is the same. A bet on the point spread for the underdog to cover would be an example of a straight bet that is made.

NFL Pleasers - Pleasers are unique to football and basketball, because they move the point spread away from your favor. This is for bettors who like to live on the edge. But you aren't giving away points for nothing; you are doing so for a much higher payout. An example of a seven-point teaser would be taking a seven-point favorite, and moving the line to a 14-point favorite. Obviously the payout would increase quite a bit.

NFL Teasers - A teaser is just the opposite of the pleaser. Rather than give away points, you are getting points. With this making the bet easier to win, you are looking at a low payout. These are some of the lowest payouts for bettors, but also among the highest win percentages.

NFL Fantasy Betting - Fantasy football betting is becoming more popular. This is different from your standard fantasy football season-long league with your friends. Sites are popping up offering weekly fantasy football pools with money on the line. Each week gives a new chance to pick a new team. Different parameters are set up like salary caps where players are given a dollar value. You can't have the all-star team out there every week!

NFL Betting From Your Mobile Phone - Mobile betting is becoming quite the rage these days because of the fact that everyone and their mother have a smartphone or something along those lines. Online sportsbooks have gotten in on the action as well. All of the sites that we gave you up above have mobile betting available. These mobile sites aren't applications you have to download, but rather just user-friendly when you visit them from your phone or other mobile device. Sportsbooks will have the full NFL betting sections available with the mobile option, so bettors don't need to worry about having just partial odds to look from.

Live NFL Betting - The betting odds for the week's games in the NFL will be available for days, but let's not forget about some interactive live betting that game happen as well. Bettors can click into the live betting section of the sportsbook to view which games are currently taking place and available, as well as which games are on the schedule to feature odds as well. The odds that players will see can vary from game to game, depending on several factors. Bettors can expect to see plenty of spread and moneyline changes, as well as props for small outcomes for upcoming plays. We suggest you watch some live betting to get the hang of it, there is no commitment to placing a bet once in the section.

Different Types Of Betting Odds For The NFL

Bettors will find themselves able to choose from a variety of different types of betting odds that are formed in the NFL sections at online sportsbooks. The Game odds formed for all NFL games on the schedule will have the point spread, moneyline, and point total. The point spread establishes the favorite and the underdog. The moneyline does the same thing; though no handicap is given it's the straight up odds to win outright.

There are also player props odds and team prop odds. Player props will install various players with performance-based betting lines. For example a running back with a total for rushing yards in a game that can be wagered on. Team props are along the same lines, though covering the performance of the entire team.

And of course there are futures wagers as well, centering around Super Bowl betting odds, NFC championship and AFC championship lines. Futures can also cover division betting odds to win. Futures can get player some high payouts.

NFL Betting Lines And Odds

Here at we not only talk about the different betting odds available and where to find them at other online sportsbooks, but we ourselves also have them listed. The complete listing of game lines and odds are available as we display them every week throughout the course of the season. Be sure to go and check them out during the year and see which game lines you are thinking about getting in on prior to kickoff.

NFL Game Picks

It's always nice to gather information prior to making a bet. It's also nice to see how others may be leaning towards one side of the betting line or the other. We have both options that are available. Get free picks against the spread and on the moneyline for the straight up winner here in the 'Expert Picks' section. You will find the pick on the game, but in addition to that, an explanation as to why that pick was made. Think of it as a small betting preview complete with analysis based on betting trends, matchups, injuries, and more.

Furthermore, the consensus picks from the public will be available as well. This details the percentage of bettors that have wagered on one team or the other in a given match up. Bettors can use this information to help aide in how they might put their money.

More About Betting On The NFL

Much has been discussed about different aspects to betting on the NFL and where it can be done. But how to bet on the NFL online has other aspects that need to be addressed as well. These things include the actual process that it takes to do so. Included are parts of the online sports betting process like signing up for an online sportsbook once you've found one. Outside of that are the actual ways to fund accounts at NFL betting websites so that bettors can place real-money wagers down. This is discussed further on site as well.

Tips And Advice For Betting On The NFL is dedicated to everything related to wagering on the NFL, including giving out sounds tips and advice coming from years of research and experience with NFL betting lines. There are definitely 'dos' and 'don'ts' in terms of NFL betting, which we try to list out and explain for you. But it's not just about what you should and should not do, it's also about presenting different options and strategies for how a player wants to attack a betting line.

There are a variety of different factors that come into play when it comes to betting on the NFL. Such factors include how much a player is betting with, plus the types of wagers that they might be interested in. Several strategies are covered in this section, which give NFL bettors at the very least new perspectives on what they might be able to do.

NFL Betting Systems And Strategies

The above section was a kind of preview of this section here, as far as NFL betting strategies and systems. There are different betting strategies that players will follow that they might have found successful. We detail many of these systems and try to explain them to see if you might want to take a shot with them.

Strategies can involve a number of different types of bets and wagers, leaning one direction or the other. This is actually one of the most interesting parts of this site, because it’s a chance to really get inside the minds of different NFL bettors, as well as strategies that we have come across in the research we've conducted.

Closing - Is Betting On The NFL Legal?

It is certainly legal to place a wager on the NFL, with a couple of different ways in which it can be done including some of the best USA sportsbooks which can be found at Obviously in the United States, land-based sports betting can be done in a handful of states, most notably in Nevada. Las Vegas Sportsbooks feature legal chances to bet on the NFL.

But for the majority of us, it comes down to online sports betting, which the bulk of this site is dedicated to. Betting on the NFL online is legal in the U.S. at sites that are based offshore. Inside the U.S. a site that would feature real-money NFL betting is banned. But individual bettors still have the chance to lay down money wagers at sportsbooks featuring NFL odds outside of the country. The Internet allows U.S. players to do this from their own homes, or using their own mobile devices.