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Thanks for visiting our NFL betting ips and advice page here at Smart bettors are always looking for an edge that they can get over oddsmakers to help them win a bet. Those bettors, who choose to get information, and put in the work doing research, give themselves the best chance at winning the wager. In the NFL, there is no shortage of information that is available to all bettors; it's simply a matter of putting the effort into it.

There is plenty of NFL betting tips to soak up, which we provide you with some on this page. Different bettors might choose to focus on the tips that work best for them, but in general, we think that if you follow these basic guidelines and principles you will be well on your way to winning more wagers and having the bankroll to execute the bets that you want.

Money Management When Betting On The NFL

Before you even start placing a wager, the issue of money management should be at the forefront of your process. Establishing how much money you are comfortably able to wager will be very important. No bettor wants to extend themselves too far and stretch too thin with losses that they cannot afford. It's best to establish a clear and concise plan as to how you want to attack different bets with amounts.

All of us would love to double our money on every bet that we make, but we have to recognize the reality that not all wagers win. That's why it's important to manage your losses and have the ability to continue betting. Making small wagers and winning small bets can add up to big time cash too, it doesn't have to all have been made in one bet.

Line Shopping + Paying Attention To Movement

If you visit five different sportsbooks the chances are you could find two or three different point spreads, and five different moneylines. This is to the bettor's advantage because shopping a betting line gets the most favorable payout. It could take a bit more time to shop a betting line, but the reward could be worth it. It could be the difference between winning and losing on a point spread.

Joining multiple sportsbooks is a good way to keep up-to-date with the latest betting line movements and the variation of payouts that you will see. One week one book might have what you are looking for, while the other week it might be another one. Following the way of the betting line and tracking movements is a good indicator of which way bettors are leaning.

Using Consensus Picks Info

Speaking of which way the bettors are leaning to on a given match up, we get right into consensus picks. Consensus picks essentially tell you where the money is going, which can be used to your advantage. Find out why bettors are laying money down one way, or see if perhaps going against the grain might be the way to go for you.

There are differences of opinion on whether or not to follow the masses or go against it depending on which resource you use. Both present valid case arguments. Really, it comes down to the research you do individually.

Using Systems + Buying Help

Some bettors choose to ask for even more help if they feel they need it. This is where using systems and taking the advice of professional handicappers comes in. To use these services provided, bettors will have to pay additional money to hear them, but professional handicappers do plenty of research to help players win wagers.

But just because you essentially buy a pick doesn't mean it's going to hit. You might hear terms like 'lock of the month' or 'lock of the year', but trust us, in NFL betting there are no such things are locks or guarantees. They might very well hit, but you will want to exercise caution in this scenario. Don't get caught up in everything that is said.

Doing Own Research

The information is out there to be had; it's whether or not you want to put the effort in to access that information as to doing your own research. Great tools like betting trends are readily available to be read. You don't even have to dive so much into forming your own betting trends, as that research is done for you.

Outside of betting trends, you can do your research by following the different NFL teams week-to-week and reading up on the latest injury news + notes for teams. Reviewing matchup history between teams and coaches can also be very helpful in your research. But in addition to that, keep track of the wagers you have made in the past and record those results. See if one thing or another you are doing is working or not working.

Using Other Wager Types

For the most part our theme has centered on betting the spread as a straight wager, but there are many more NFL betting options than that. Such examples include parlays, teasers, pleasers, and moneylines. There are ways to curtail a point spread in your favor, or away from your favor to get a higher payout. The bigger the potential payout though, the bigger the risk so you will always want to keep that in mind that long shots are long shots for a reason.

Not Getting Caught Up In The Action

One of the best NFL betting tips we can give is to not get caught up on the action. There is no question that winning a bet on the NFL feels good, but you want to make sure to keep your emotions in check and not to get caught up too much. This is also true after a bad loss, where the immediate feeling of wanting to get your money back hits. You want to check emotion at the door as much as possible and think logically and practically. It's like going 'tilt' in poker after a bad beat. You go all-in on the next hand and then you find yourself completely out. Sometimes, you just need a break from betting.

Use Legit NFL Betting Sites

You can win all of the bets you make at an NFL betting site, but did you get paid out like you were supposed to? We'd like to think that you would, but it could happen in such an instance that you wouldn't. That's why it's important to use legit NFL wagering sites, which we provide for you throughout our site.

Bovada Sportsbook you will recognize on many pages on, and for good reason. They have great NFL betting lines, but more important they are backed by a reputation and a great history for paying out their players when bets are won. Bovada is as legit as they come.

Of course, Bovada is not the only legit NFL sportsbook out there, as many do exist. We give you plenty of choices on our pages. Even if you are currently with a sportsbook, we suggest creating accounts at multiple and line shop, as it's always nice to have options.

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