5Dimes NFL Sportsbook Review

5Dimes is one of the oldest, most respected sportsbooks on the Internet, having been founded in 1996 and operating out of Costa Rica. As one of the industry’s long-term leaders, it’s no surprise that any 5Dimes NFL sportsbook review would be absolutely glowing. Indeed, 5Dimes is one of the very best places to wager on the National Football League, and the site specializes in providing its customers (who are accepted from all 50 states) with the most varied selection of lines, alternate lines, and oddball props anywhere.

No matter the contest, at 5Dimes, you’re going to get dozens – if not hundreds! – of wager opportunities for each and every game, adding tons of chances to win to your typical Sunday gambling activities. Additionally, 5Dimes often undercuts the competition, offering lines on matchups that carry greater value propositions than you’ll find anywhere else. If you place an NFL wager at any other offshore sports betting site without first comparing the odds at 5Dimes, chances are you’ll be losing out on a significant amount of extra cash. Always remember to shop lines at 5Dimes!


Types Of NFL Wagers Available At 5Dimes

There are several different types of NFL wagers available at 5Dimes. These run the typical gamut of football bets, from the popular point spread, straight, and over/under (totals) options to the more exotic player props, team props, futures, specials, and more. All told, you can expect a minimum of 40-50 wagers on any given NFL matchup on 5Dimes’ betting boards, and marquee or primetime games will usually have twice as many bets available. Add in live betting, and you can place hundreds of wagers on every NFL game at 5Dimes.

The main reason that 5Dimes is able to offer so many wagers (live NFL betting notwithstanding) is thanks to its dedication to alternate lines. While most of the top offshore sportsbooks will allow you to “buy points” by setting your own terms on select matchups, 5Dimes publishes every possible alternate line right from the get-go. You haven’t got to plug in any numbers or do any calculations yourself – simply pick the game you want to wager on and you’ll be presented with a huge list of all conceivable spreads, straights, and totals (with their requisite line prices) already prepared and ready to go. Just add them to your ticket, kick back, and enjoy the game!

5Dimes Deposit Methods

Because 5Dimes is dedicated to customer service and to making the betting process as simple and convenient as possible, the site offers a number of ways to get your account topped off. Indeed, funding methods are one of the most important aspects of any 5Dimes NFL sportsbook review, as most potential customers are immediately interested in how quickly and easily they can get cash into their accounts. The available 5Dimes deposit methods include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Visa gift cards (must be good for international purchases)
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Person-to-person services (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.)
  • Money orders
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank wire transfers
  • DirectPay

Each of these methods carries its own terms and conditions, and each also has different minimum and maximum deposit amounts. While none of these deposit methods carries any added processing fees, some definitely take longer to process than others. The general rule is that for quick, relatively small deposits (up to $2000 or so), credit/debit is best, as they transfer instantly so you can start wagering on NFL action ASAP. Bitcoin takes a bit longer to transfer, but the limits are far higher, making this cryptocurrency the best option for high rollers who want to wager same-day. (Bitcoin transfers usually take about 5-15 minutes, depending on network traffic.)

Cashier’s checks and person-to-person transfers can take anywhere from 3-5 days to clear, while bank wires and money orders can take up to two weeks to show up in your account (though this is rare). 5Dimes’ newest deposit method, DirectPay, expedites these slow, “old-school” banking processes by providing a go-between financial service that can move funds internationally more quickly than traditional banks can, and it is fast becoming an extremely popular point on every 5Dimes NFL sportsbook review for this reason.

5Dimes Withdrawal Methods

There are fewer 5Dimes withdrawal methods available, simply because legal online sportsbooks no longer offer credit or debit chargebacks as payouts. At 5Dimes, once you wish to collect your NFL betting winnings, you may do so via the following avenues:

  • Person-to-person services (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.)
  • Courier checks
  • Money orders
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank wire transfers

DirectPay is not currently available for withdrawals, and all of the above methods come with small fees, save for Bitcoin withdrawals, which are always free (though they do assess the market transfer rate built into the exchange process itself). As with deposits, different withdrawal options take different amounts of time to clear. Most of the above will typically show up in your account stateside within 3-5 days, but Bitcoin is the fastest, usually only taking a few minutes to a few hours to show up in your digital wallet. (Note: At 5Dimes, you can only withdraw as much money via Bitcoin as you have actually deposited via Bitcoin.)

5Dimes NFL Bonuses

There are several 5Dimes NFL bonuses to choose from, but the default bonus – called Reduced Juice – is the probably the best perk in the entire online sports betting industry. Reduced Juice basically lets you wager on NFL games (and other contests) while paying a diminished house fee. For example, most spread and prop bets come with moneylines of -110, meaning that you must risk $110 to win $100. The sportsbook, then, gets the $10 difference as “juice,” aka the vigorish or house take. At 5Dimes, with the Reduced Juice bonus, spread and prop moneylines will typically be halved, so a -110 bet at most books will carry a line of -105 at 5Dimes. And those savings add up fast.

Other 5Dimes bonuses include a 50%$ New Player Reward, which allows first-time members to get up to $520 in sportsbook free-plays (10X rollover), up to $500 in Reload Rewards (5X rollover), and several cash-back bonus options. Additionally, 5Dimes’ other gambling services carry their own bonuses as well, giving you even more ways to save while you win big!

Mobile NFL Betting At 5Dimes

Mobile NFL betting at 5Dimes is one of the site’s most popular features, as the majority of members use their smartphones and tablets to wager. While you cannot download an official 5Dimes app in the App Store or on Google Play, all you have to do to access 5Dimes’ mobile betting portal is to visit the site via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device web browser. Every 5Dimes NFL sportsbook review will tell you how streamlined and accessible mobile betting is at the site, and that’s precisely why it works so well. You don’t need to download any extra software, you don’t need to pay any extra “convenience” fees, and your membership login works for all aspects of the site, whether on desktop or mobile. Mobile 5Dimes betting works anywhere in America that you have a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, so you always have your bookie in your pocket and can bet on a dime!

Live NFL Betting At 5Dimes

Live NFL betting at 5Dimes is the wave of the future in the sports wagering industry an NFL betting sites. Unlike traditional betting, live betting – aka in-game betting – allows you to place your bets during a given matchup, live and in real-time! Thanks to 5Dimes’ exclusive odds algorithm, game lines are updated constantly during play, reflecting the pacing and trends and current score of every football game. Not only is live betting a great way to get more immersed in your favorite pastime, it’s also a great way to fix bad bets and mitigate losses. Plus, live betting adds hundreds of wagers to the mix, giving you that much more money-making opportunity with each and every NFL contest.

5Dimes Sportsbook FAQs

How much does it cost to sign up at 5Dimes?

It won’t cost you a dime to sign up at 5Dimes. Indeed, signing up is always quick, easy, and 100% free. The only money you need to spend is the cash you’re betting with. It’s really just that simple.

What is the minimum legal age to use 5Dimes?

The minimum legal age to use 5Dimes – per the site’s TOS – is 18 years old. Some states have Internet gambling laws in place that may set the minimum age to 21, so it is best to defer to the local rules and regulations in those states.

Is it legal to bet on the NFL at 5Dimes?

It is 100% legal to bet on the NFL at 5Dimes, and there is no record of any sports bettor from any state ever being fined or arrested for doing so.

Is 5Dimes trusted and safe to use?

5Dimes is absolutely trusted and safe, and it’s been leading the industry in terms of site and account security for over two decades. You can always deposit and wager with confidence at 5Dimes.

What other kinds of betting are available at 5Dimes?

5Dimes is a full-fledged gambler’s paradise. In addition to their robust sportsbook, other kinds of betting are available, including an online electronic casino, a live-dealer casino, live poker room, online bingo, a host of real-money mini-games, an international pari-mutuel racebook, a lottery, and more. One thing’s for sure: You’ll never run out of things to do at 5Dimes, even after NFL season ends!

What is the fastest way to get paid at 5Dimes?

Bitcoin is the fastest way to get paid at 5Dimes (provided you deposited with Bitcoin in the first place). With this cryptocurrency, you can have your winnings in your hands within just a few minutes.

How do I use Bitcoin?

In order to use Bitcoin, you must first set up a personal cryptocurrency account at . Then, simply find a reputable vendor in your area that will accept USD and transfer the amount to Bitcoin. From there, you can use Bitcoin easily and conveniently at 5Dimes and elsewhere.

Should I accept the bonuses?

At 5Dimes, the bonus you should definitely accept is the Reduced Juice program. That’s why it’s activated automatically when you create your account (although you can opt out). As for the other bonuses with rollover requirements, 5Dimes’ staggered payout plans make these more attractive than they are at competing sites. Still, this wouldn’t be an honest 5Dimes NFL sportsbook review if we simply told you to take the plunge. The main rule for whether or not you should accept a bonus is simply this: If you’re going to wager regularly over a long period of time or if you plan to bet large amounts on select contests, then take the bonus. Otherwise, it probably doesn’t make good financial sense to accept any bonuses, as their rollover requirements can keep you from withdrawing your funds in a timely manner. Simply put, bonuses (except for Reduced Juice) are not appropriate for the majority of sports bettors at 5Dimes.

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