How To Bet On The NFL Online?

If you need to learn how to bet on the NFL online, this is the perfect page for you. The process in which bettors are able to place real-money wagers online is actually quite simple if you didn't already know. There are certain steps to follow that will gain you access to both an account and the NFL betting lines available on site, but the sportsbooks make this as easy as possible. In fact, creating an account takes just a couple of minutes to do. Accounts will need to be created for a bettor to place a wager, but they will be able to look at the betting lines and payouts that are offered without one, simply by browsing the sportsbook.

Of course, the process for online NFL sports betting starts with finding one of the NFL betting sites that you can trust. And for different bettors, there are different factors that come into play.

For American players, it will need to be a sportsbook that allows U.S. players to sign up and create an account. Not all of the offshore sportsbooks with NFL betting will accept American players, but many of them do. This will be found out immediately on site where players will be able to select the state they reside in.

Bettors will want to check out the NFL section available at the sportsbook. The full extent of the betting lines can be found, from the game odds, props, futures, and other miscellaneous lines. Other factors like live betting on the NFL can come into play as well. If this is something that interests you, make sure that live betting can be done. If so, the NFL will definitely be one of the leagues that this is available.

Another factor that bettors could pay attention to are the sportsbook bonuses that are offered. Bonuses are unique to the sites, so not all are created equal. There are definitely sportsbooks out there that have better bonuses than the other. If this is important to you, then those with great bonuses will obviously be higher up on the list. If not important, then it's about other things such as the NFL section and what is offered as we talked about just above.

Once a bettor has decided on a sportsbook, it's time to create a new account and sign up to start the NFL online betting process.

Sign Up Process For Online NFL Sports Betting

No matter the sportsbook, players will be required to submit information for an account to open. Among the information that will need to be completed include things like name, date of birth, address, email address and a login and password. This will be the login that players can use throughout the duration of their account here, which is password protected.

A complete history of your betting activity will be kept in your account, so the betting action placed can always be reviewed and tracked.

Following the sign up, the next logical move is to make a deposit into the sportsbook account to have funds available to lay down your real-money wagers.

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Bovada Sportsbook allows American players to easily create and sign up for an account, taking just a couple of minutes to complete. Bettors from every state but Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada are accepted here. Players must be at least 18 years old to have an account here as well, plus meet the gambling age in their state.

Following the new account opening, players will have the complete NFL betting section open to place bets with. For real-money wagers on the NFL, depositing will need to take place. This is also simple with plenty of options offered on site.

Deposit Options For NFL Betting Sites


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Deposit Options For NFL Betting Sites

The different ways to fund your new sportsbook account for NFL wagering will depend on the options that are offered on site. There is no one standard selection or list that bettors will have to pick from. There will be some similarities, especially when talking about the sportsbooks accepting American players, but not exactly the same. Among the most common choices will be types of credit cards, usually a Visa or American Express. Wire transfers encompassing Western Union and MoneyGram are popular. Additional deposit options can include cashier’s checks and money orders, ezVoucher (online prepaid voucher), and for Non-U.S. players, e-wallets such as Skrill, NETeller, Instadebit + more.